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Feb. 13th, 2010



:: The Plot;

In The Beginning...

"You wake up to hear rain pounding at your window. You sit and listen for a while, you think it sounds almost like fists hitting your window pane over and over again...

You hear the wind howling through the trees. It's a wild and windy day out there. You would almost swear it sounded like a person wailing...

Getting up your routine is the same as always. Shower and dress and breakfast. If you were one of the lucky ones to watch TV in the morning you might have caught the news. Just a small piece on the growing flu epidemic that had killed 3 people already. As you watch you remember school the day before. Kids coughing in class, one of your friends spiking a fever... and a rumour that the nurses office had been overrun all day...

The next day is much like the last. You wake up to hear the wind and the rain. But something doesn't feel right. Your skin prickles. You strain to hear... and distantly you hear thumping. Rhythmic. It's coming from downstairs........

At 6:41am the dead began to rise.

It started as flu-like symptoms, fevers and headaches, itchy skin and a strange hunger. Until they started to die. Almost 24 hours after the symptoms arose the people would die. Less than an hour later those same people would rise again.

Measures were taken to contain this outbreak... but to no avail.

The dead walk the rainy streets.

They're safe no longer.

Board up your windows and doors because the end... is very, very near."

This game is set 5 years after the anime ends. It would put people at Uni and for the much younger characters in their last days of high school. Not that it matters much. The life they would have known won't exist for them now. Within two days the virus spread and most of the Earth was struck down. It is now six days since the outbreak and the dead outnumber the living.

Those who have survived until now have managed to do so by scavenging what little food they can find and holing themselves up and keeping safe. Though the more adventurous types may have found a new sport in Zombie Slaying.

The problem with this sport is that not all zombies act the same way. Some are slow, shambling creatures that you could run circles around and they could never touch you. While others can run, scream, will chase you down until they finally catch you or you find a way to catch them. And... there are rumours... just stories really, that out there something else lives... Something far more dangerous than a simple zombie.

Day One: The first to be struck down by a mysterious 'flu' are hospitalised. It quickly becomes an epidemic as more and more people are admitted to hospital. By the early morning the first person dies.

Day Two: News arrives that the 'flu' is affecting not only people in Japan but all over the world. The first of the recently dead start to rise. At first it is believed to be a side-effect of the illness, but soon more and more rise and begin to attack. The outbreak cannot be contained.

Day Three: By midday Tokyo is overrun. The whole of Japan soon following, and possibly the whole world. Military action was taken but they were too slow to respond, they were outnumbered by a foe who is near indestructible and who's army grows the more they kill. Soon the military itself is left in shambles with only a few outposts left still intact.

Day Four: Seigaku burns. With zombies walking every corridor a panicked teacher sacrifices himself by blowing up the boiler room and setting light to the school. His sacrifice cost the lives of countless zombies. Later that night a mysterious fire breaks out at Higa Chuu, but it is small and short lived. Both fires have left those schools hazard zones.

Day Five: A pirate radio station is set up by people unknown, giving those listening information of safe places and sowing hope into people's hearts. It is told that a few schools and public places are safe from zombies. Those who are uninfected flood to those places during the day. The night is too dangerous. The infection grows.

Day Six: Live and survive. Run and hide. Those are the motto's to live by these days. By this day most people would have found shelter from the onslaught. There are a few still looking, some who are still searching for missing loved ones... those people need to be careful. The streets are no longer safe. Hope for more military action or a cure is growing thin. Now... now it is just a matter of survival.

Feb. 12th, 2010



:: Quick-Add;

Once your application has been accepted, you will be added to this list. Please comment with your character journal to remind us. (We are human, sometimes we forget.)

Copy and paste the following into the [COMMAND CONSOLE] to add everyone in the community.

Please JOIN the following communities:

[Join Zombie Puri], [Join Zombie Puri OOC], [Join Zombie Puri Logs]


:: Rules;


1. No God-Moding.
It's really self-explanatory. Don't control another character. Don't talk for them. Don't make your character the smartest, most brilliant creature ever to grace the universe. Don't assume your character knows what's going on in the game, just because you do. And on the other side, don't make your character the angstiest most depressed person this side of Emo Kid.

2. Ideas, Plots, Changes.
Anything major MUST be run past any and all characters/muns that may be involved. If these plots involve the game as a whole, a mod should also be contacted to be made aware.

3. Age Restriction.
The age limit is 16 years of age. There can be exceptions to this rule. But we do ask that everyone play with a mature attitude. Childish behaviour, name-calling and an inability to tell the difference between IC and OOC will NOT be tolerated. This is a laid-back game and we welcome all age groups. But please keep in mind that we are a seasoned group and would like to play with those who can handle playing young adult characters.

4. Posting Limits.
A minimum of two posts per calender month. These can be in the form of a deep and introspective post, or even just a few lines to reassure us that you, and your character, are still alive.

5. Character Limits.
There is a character limit of TWO with the potential to unlock a third character if you prove active enough to be able to handle one.

6. Purging.
Once a month, on the first. Inactivity constitutes a lack of posting and comments. You will be sent a PM and an email five days before the purge. If you do not answer, you will lose your character. You can, if you wish, take back that character at a later date. Though this will only be allowed once. Further inactivity and you will not be allowed back to the game. Exceptions can be made by the mods, but only on rare occasions.

Game Play:

1. The power hasn't vanished, the internet still exists, there are just very few people in the world to use it! Journals will be used as logs to detail a characters exploits and to keep in contact with others.

2. Interaction is strongly encouraged. Commenting, logging, entries that promote both.

3. Logs and such things must be posted in [zombiepuri_log], nowhere else. Please use the format provided.

4. Pictures, video clips, long memes or quiz spam MUST be placed under an LJ cut. Posts that are purely spam and no actual relevant content will NOT go toward your post limit. They do not count.

5. The OOC community is for your use. Talk to the other muns, plot, plan, make friends, fangirl.
On that note, please keep drama to a minimum. Do NOT let personal grudges leak into the RP, and vice versa.

6. Do not flock/filter posts. If you have to do this, then use cuts and label them appropriately.

ScreenedCollapse )

PrivateCollapse )

Game Notes:

1. The Story So Far:
The world is in turmoil. No one goes to school any more, though they do make very good places to hide out if you can defend them well enough. Families are torn apart, new alliances and friendships will be made. Those who can't survive will end up a meal for a hungry zombie... and whatever other creatures exist in this strange new world.

2. Adult Content:
This game will contain harsh language and mature themes. But please don't take advantage of that. Talking about conquests in your journal under a cut is fine. Advertising yourself will be frowned upon. That can be done via IM and PM, or flirting in comments and logs.
Sensitive Topics: Subjects concerning rape, murder, suicide should be discussed with the mod before being played out. Typically the answer will be a no to these things unless given a damn good reason for it.

3. Plots vs. Events:
Plots: These can concern one character, or many, depending on how involved you'd like people to be. Usually though, they will just involve a couple, or a small group. They will last a while, leading up to a final goal. Plots are like stories, they are meant to have a beginning a middle and an end.
Events: An event is a short lived explosion of activity that will effect the whole community, everyone. They are meant to be fun and promote participation. They can last anywhere from a day to a week, some will have a reason behind them, some will just be for the hell of it.

4. Drama:
We would prefer this be kept to a minimum. Due to the nature of this game there will be drama without the need to add more to it. If you are looking for a plot or direction for your character, we're very sure you can do that without drama. RL drama does not effect gameplay. If the mods become aware of this, you may be at risk of a warning or being removed from the game. We will not tolerate this.

5. Please Note:
ALL mod posts are top priority. All muns will be required to read these posts.


1. A Hiatus can, at it's maximum, last for one month. After that month you will be contacted. Lack of response to email or PM will result in the loss of your character. We will urge you to begin posting again after that one month mark. There may be exceptions to this rule.

2. Semi-hiatus and Hiatus are different things. If you go on semi-hiatus you are still expected to try your best and meet the posting requirements.

3. If a character is played while on hiatus, we will assume your hiatus is over and you are now back with the game.

4. If you become inactive without reason, then you may be purged. The mods will not take second-hand hiatus' from people. You will have to post, PM or comment to explain your inactivity. Others can not and will not be allowed to do that for you.


:: Application;

Character Limit: 2
You may be able to unlock a third character if you can prove you will be active enough with three.

APPLICATION: Copy/paste and fill in.

* To clarify some points, when we ask for 'weapon choices' we are hoping not everyone says that their character is armed with a gun in one hand and a katana in the other. A weapon can be anything found around them, even a big stick. They can also carry with them limited supplies. If we find that a lot of people are picking the same items we reserve the right to suspend acceptance until an alternative weapon/item is found.
** We will be guiding the characters for a little while during the first weeks/months of the game. If this method works then we hope that people can have more surprises and a bit more of an adventure while playing. In the application there is an option to take one of two paths; the coast or the city. Each option has a further few options attached, which will be PM'd to each individual. Only when gameplay starts will you find out just where you have started your character.
Be warned. They could be safe. Or they could be in the middle of a zombie infested building. Choose wisely.

Once your application is accepted, please complete the following:

1. Read the [RULES].
2. Join these communities (in your character journal): zombiepuri, zombiepuri_ooc, zombiepuri_log.
3. Go to the [QUICK ADD] and comment with your journal name to be added. Add everyone else to your journal.
4. Post your [CONTACT INFO].

Please be patient. We will approve your application when we have the chance.


:: Character List;

Please comment to reserve a character. Your character will be held for one week. Reserved characters are in italics. You may extend your reservation. Characters with *** by their names were dropped by their old muns, but are willing to offer the account to the new player, if they wish.

Tezuka Kunimitsu Tachibana Kippei Atobe Keigo Akazawa Yoshirou Minami Kentarou
Fuji Syuusuke Kamio Akira Akutagawa Jirou Mizuki Hajime Sengoku Kiyosumi
Kaidoh Kaoru Ibu Shinji Hiyoshi Wakashi Fuji Yuuta Dan Taichi
Kawamura Takashi Ishida Tetsu Kabaji Munehiro Kaneda Ichirou Akutsu Jin
Kikumaru Eiji Mori Tatsunori Mukahi Gakuto Kisarazu Atsushi Higashikata Masami
Momoshiro Takeshi Sakurai Masaya Oshitari Yuushi Nomura Takuya Kita Ichiuma
Inui Sadaharu Uchimura Kyousuke Shishido Ryou Yanagisawa Shinya Nitobe Inakichi
Oishi Syuuichirou Ootori Choutarou Muromachi Touji
Echizen Ryoma Taki Haginosuke Nishikiori Tsubasa

Aoi Kentarou Yukimura Seiichi Shiraishi Kuranosuke Kajimoto Takahisa Kite Eishirou
Amane "Dabide" Hikaru Sanada Genichirou Chitose Senri Kiriyama Daichi Chinen Hiroshi
Kisarazu Ryou Yanagi Renji Tooyama Kintarou Oota Kakeru Hirakoba Rin
Kurobane Harukaze Kuwahara Jackal Oshitari Kenya Shinjou Reiji Kai Yuujirou
Saeki Koujirou Kirihara Akaya Zaizen Hikaru Tanaka Kouhei Shiranui Tomoya
Shudou Satoshi Marui Bunta Hitouji Yuuji Tanaka Youhei Tanishi Kei
Niou Masaharu Konjiki Koharu Wakato Hiroshi Aragaki Kouichi
Yagyuu Hiroshi Ishida Gin
Koishikawa Kenjirou

Habu Itto -
Kiraku Yasuyuki -
Kitamura Wataru -
Kongawa Junpei -
Minamoto Takuma -
Takase Masato -
Tsuta Akane -
Morinomiya Masaki -

American Team:
Kevin Smith -
Arnold Ignashov -
Bobby Max -
Tom Griffey -
Terry Griffey -
Billy Cassidy -
Michael Lee -

Echizen Ryoga -
Echizen Nanjirou -
Echizen Rinko -
Meino Nanako -

Fuji Yumiko -
Ryuuzaki Sakuno -
Osakada Tomoka -
Chitose Miyuki -
Tachibana An -
Yanagi Hitomi -
Kuki Kiichi -
Kaidoh Hazue -
Urayama Shiita -

Yamato Yuudai -
Arai Masashi -
Horio Satoshi -
Kato Kachiro -
Mizuno Katsuo -

Mamoru Inoue -
Shiba Saori -

Ryuuzaki Sumire -
Mikiya "Banjii" Banda -
Watanabe Osamu -
Tarou Sakaki -
Hanamura Aoi -
Oji -

U-17 Characters:

Liliaden Krauser (Nagoya Seitoku)
Richard Sakata (Saint Icarus; team captain)
Kadowaki Satoru (Makinofuji Gakuin Middle; team captain)


Korube Yukio
Saitou Itaru
Tsuge Ryuuji
Mifune Nyuudou


Tokugawa Kazuya
Irie Kanata
Oni Juujirou

Sasabe Junichi
Matsudaira Chikao
Hirari Tonpei
Tenjin Kousuke
Murata Hiramasa
Todoroki Gorou

(If anyone has been missed, please PM the mod account to tell us who.)

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